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My friends in Canada
Doug, Melissa, Victoria

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Mom and Victoria
May 2005


Father and Daughter
March 2005


I am the Birthday present you wanted?
June 2005


Craig Dunklee in Celtic regalia.


Wes Richmond Died May 9, 2005
He was my friend, my brother.
I miss his tolerance, his acceptance of me.
This picture of Wes Richmond, comes from what I call "Brother's in Arms". We four met a few days after 9/11/2001. We spoke of kinship, friendship, family, and lost souls. We were together as one for that moment. I will cherish that memory and that moment, forever.


John Phenix died March 19,2006
My Friend from College and thru these Years.
My Brother in Arms...Recordado Always!


1981 in the Gulf of Suez, Egypt. You are looking aft at the gravity meter(the small bell with legs just above the winch reel of cable). This was an "underwater gravity survey" because the bell contained a gravity meter that we dropped to the bottom to record gravity measurements. This was my first job in the exploration/gravity business.
Thank you Brian, for your friendship, and for the pictures.


Some of the guys on my first job in the foreground. The mountains of the Sinai penninsula in Egypt in the background.
I was so impressed by these mountains, I wrote an acoustic song and called it "Sunrise Over the Sinai".
Words or even pictures cannot define the beauty.