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Fascinating animated graphics at Animusic . You need Windows Media Player or QuickTime to view the sample videos.

How about phenominal pictures of outer space straight from NASA. Click NASA Pictures for the picture of the day. Many great photos and renderings.

Some of the best oils and incense I've ever found. Click Oils and Incense to go to a website with it all. Too bad you can't smell thru the internet.

Wanna see some great outer space pictures? Click Hubble to go to the main site that displays all the pictures from the Hubble Telescope.

Almost everything, ever about movies and actors at Movies and Actors Type a name into the search window on the site and a multitude of information is displayed.

Best socks in the world, can be found at Injinji They're actually more comfortable than you think. In fact they're stupendous! I bought four pair and they feel sooooo goooood!

A link to products depicting my Favorite Artist, M.C.Escher

Better Words for a Better Day can be found at The Well of Wisdom Quotes from every faction of thought and presence.

Anyone from our home in South Texas is familiar with the CAF That's the Confederate Air Force. Now called the Commemorative Air Force. Moved from the Rio Grande Valley to West Texas. There are "Wings" everywhere and airshows flying the wonderous aircraft of yesteryear.

Read this site with a grain of salt. Go to TOTSE for baffling and sometimes interesting articles and commentary on anything from conspiracy to oddity.

SpaceShipOne - They Made it To Outer Space - Without Government Money

Great Toys for Men

BEST GARLIC (in many forms)

Best Wind Spinners

A Palindrome - Amanapanama is One

Great Search Engine - A Dictionary and Encyclopedia Combined

Wonder forever, but try this site for bizarre and true humor. This stuff is true Some good links to what is truly hilarious.