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The Ever-Changing World in Which We Live !


When you're bored......go to Bored. Everything from games to music to quizs to contests can be found here. Many interesting links to other fun/funny sites.

Not really INSPIRATIONAL, but more like bizarre. NOT FOR the "Faint-Hearted". You Must have an open mind, and expect the unexpected. Go to Strange Cosmos For some of the strangest links and pictures and various other, other stuff.

A wonderful commemorative site for September 11. There are links and videos and pictures and names of those who gave so much.


Find out if what you heard or read is true at Snopes . All the urban legends and internet hype, is explained, dispelled as utter debunkery or factualized.

How about some great and inspirational Words of Wisdom. You can get daily words of wisdom, sent to your computer. Great links and information to brighten your spirit.

Ever wonder what the other person is saying, even though it seems like English? Amerispeak can help you decipher the lingo.

Looking for a place to spend your next memorable vacation? Costa Rica gets you to the official site of my favorite country. Tons of information, hotel and transportation pricing, and pictures and more.

Do you know what an aphorism is?
It is basically "words of wisdom"
Go to
Aphorisms and find wonderful meaningful words and sayings familiar to enlighten your every day.