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I'll start this page with my computer expertise/non-expertise:
An email to an expert friend....
Friday last: No internet access, so thought the router or NIC card failed. Removed the router and still had network problems to the DSL modem. Network problem is "limited or no connectivity" between the nic and DSL modem. SBC tech helped me connect without the router. After getting off the phone, lost internet connection ten minutes later. Installed a new NIC card and this caused a windows ++failure of the hard drive. Tried to re-install Win XP Home but failed every time the first reboot occurred during a normal Win installation. Shut down and cleaned everything.. Next startup my power supply literally smoked....too much canned air in the wrong place I guess. Bought a new power supply and new hard drive. Same problem occurred with the installation...failed at the first reboot during the installation. Tried multiple times in different configs to make the install work to no avail.

I had planned / thought for a while about upgrading my box here's what I did:

Saturday last: Bought and installed a new MSI motherboard, new AMD Sempron 2800+ only 1.6GHz, and 1 Gig of memory. The Sempron is almost three times faster than my old helped me build it circa 2000. I then tried to install my WinXP home and it failed again at the first reboot. Returned the new hard drive and bought another. Bought a new WinXP Pro OS. Failed on the first reboot during the installation again!!!! What the F#$$% is happening?

Sunday last: Took the box to the supplier of all the new parts(CompUSA). They tested and said the hard drive had failed and the CD-RW was bad (Tuesday last). Returned the HDD and bought yet another HDD and bought a new Sony CD-RW. At this time, everything except the video board, floppy, and DVD player are new.

Wednesday last: I fully expected them to call and say the WinXP Pro install failed during the first reboot. I went to CompUSA and talked to the young tech...the usual excuse....hadn't yet gotten to the point of no return...the WinXP installation. Not ready, wait for tomorrow.

At this point, if the WinXP Pro installation had failed again, I would have said there was some incompatibility problem with the motherboard, processor, memory, large HDD or something.....................

Thursday yesterday: All good!!!! Check it out!!! That is three faulty HDD out of the box!!! I still have my original HDD that failed on Friday above....haven't tested it yet. All these new HDD are Seagate. I chose Seagate after two Western Digital failed....I hate and don't trust Maxtor. 3 Seagate failed out of the box!

Check this!! My piggyback slave HDD (data storage only) is the original OS HDD from my original Gateway box. Still working fine for....6+years. This IBM drive has survived them all!!!!

Check this!!! I still am not connected thru the router, and the NEW onboard network on the MSI motherboard STILL HAS "limited or no connectivity" to the DSL modem....but it works!

My DSL modem is what?, two years younger than yours? I am thinking I need a new DSL modem from SBC.
Maybe your DSL problems is the modem also or similar??

After all that..........I replace my DSL modem.......perfect repair after $800 rebuild.

Three months ago, I was diagnosed with extremely high cholesterol. My doctor said two things...take lipitor and loose weight. I lost weight (continuing), started exercising regularly, and changed my diet to almost total vegetarian.

One day, one meal a week, I eat's a gift to myself to maintain this better diet.
I wanted to prove to myself that I could change it, my cholestrol levels, so I began the following regime:

When buying pre-packaged food, DO NOT buy, if the first five ingredients are, or the ingredients contain or say:
“Enriched” – only buy products with “Whole” grain
“Hydrogenated” oils – body doesn’t know what the hell to do with it
SUGAR in any form – sucrose, fructose, corn syrup, etc.
Salt – always minimize
No sugared drink in any form or of any type
Minimize Caffeine

Fish only – for Protein and GOOD cholesterol
Soybean products – for Protein and NO cholesterol
Water – drink 6 to 8 / 12-16 oz. glasses daily
Tomatoes – Tomato sauce is best
Garlic – 2 to 6 cloves daily (or equivalent in food)
Green vegetables – esp. Spinach, Broccoli and “Baby” greens
Fruits – ALL fruits and particularly Apples
Olive Oil – cooking destroys the good in Olive oil – cook with light natural oils and season/flavor with 1 tsp. of Olive oil per serving
Nuts – Raw Almonds and Walnuts are best – Must be raw because roasting destroys the fragile oils
Drink an 8 oz. glass per day of one of the following:
Cranberry Juice
Pomegranate Juice
Blueberry Juice
Orange Juice
Drink Tea – Tea in any form for the Antioxidants – Green Tea is best

AND, it's working. Cholesterol is now 150...digressing...weight is XXX and digressing.


My first Technical Job, Circa 1973
I rebuilt the Propellar Shafts for these amazing reciprocating engines. My work was that little bit at the front of the engine. It contained 20+ individual planetary reduction gears, and all met MILSPEC to .001" tolerances.

Pratt and Whitney R-4360 "Wasp Major"
The Wasp Major engine was developed during World War II though it did not reach service until after the war on some B-29 and B-50 aircraft. The R-4360 is a 28-cylinder air-cooled radial engine which produces a maximum of 3,500 hp. and weighs about 3,500 pounds (1,575 kg.). R-4360s have been used to power various post-WWII USAF bombers, cargo/transports, and aerial tankers, including B-36 bomber, the B-35 Flying Wing, the C-74 Globemaster, the C-97 Stratofreighter,the Consolidated XC-99, the C-119 Flying Boxcar, and the C-124 Globemaster II aircraft. It represents the most technically advanced and complex reciprocating aircraft engine produced in large numbers in the United States. The passing of the KC-97 and C-97 series aircraft from Air Force inventory in the late 1970s marked the closing of the era of both the large piston engine and the turbo-supercharger within the USAF SPECIFICATIONS Model:
28 cylinder, four row, air-cooled radial Displacement:4,360 cu. in.
Weight: 3,404 lbs.
Maximum RPM: 2,700
Maximum Horsepower: 3,500


If you're flying down Commerce Avenue, and the bumper falls off of your canoe, how many flapjacks does it take to shingle a doghouse?